Shary Nassimi, CLC Articles on Life and the “Fundamentals of Self” in Ending Therapy

With the expansion and acceptance of mental health services in modern societies,  which are truly needed, there has also been an ever expanding infrastructure of mental health services…relying on the recurring income of long-term patients. There’s an open secret that many of such patients no longer are suffering from mental health issues and have simply become accustomed (and sometimes addicted) to the weekly visits to the therapist in order to cope with the week ahead. In my life coaching and life counseling with my clients at, I’ve had the humble privilege of helping people who’ve gone the extended therapy route and have found themselves stuck in a recurring behavior. The truth is that you can stand on your own feet, should not need weekly therapy unless you’re ill, and, life can be beautiful if you change your perspective in whole. That’s why I’m here for you. Together we’ll find your problems and needs and help you get resolution, clarity and ability to manage them. The articles posted here are a part of my work. If  you read them and they help you in any way, then I’ve done my work. Shary Nassimi