Shary Nassimi, Life CoachShary Nassimi is a proven counselor and certified Life Coach. Shary’s background is diverse and his mentoring is based on his accomplishments and extensive life experiences. As a renaissance man with varied interests, Shary has received 62 patents, is a SAG method actor, a particle / quantum physics theorist, a pilot, a previous CEO of 23 years, a prolific product creator of over 200 products, a tenor singer, photographer [shary nassimi art] and a litigation / trial expert and consultant.

Shary conducts meetings with select clients in Malibu, California at a relaxing and spiritual ocean-front location. Sessions are specifically designed and individually tailored to the needs of the client in order to motivate, awaken, mentor and to change their lives.

Shary’s collaborative and mentoring methodology is to methodically work together to overcome stagnation, repetition of dysfunction, with the goal of becoming more present and experience happiness and joy, without the need for ongoing, chronic therapy.

Contact Shary for an in-person appointment to explore options.


Shary’s life coaching websites: endingtherapy  sharynassimiLifeCoach



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